Identify Birds

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Bird Watching is the study and observation of birds with the naked eye using visual enhancements. However, Bird Watching has a significant auditory component, as many birds are more readily identified by sound than sight. Hence, BirdVoice enriches your experience by enabling you, not only to hear different bird voices but also record them.

How Can BirdVoice Help?

Ways of identifying British Birds and their sounds is an important part of a birder's toolkit. Sound information assists in the locating, watching, identification and sexing of birds. With BirdVoice’s unique technology, you can record and reproduce these sounds at your convenience. The non-linear nature of digital audio technology has also made selecting and accessing the required recordings much more flexible than CDs. With BirdVoice, it is now possible to take a recording of every bird call you are likely to encounter in a given area and store on a device that will slip into your pocket. You can retrieve calls for playback and comparison in any order you choose. BirdVoice acts as a bird identifier for many enthusiasts as you can hear different expertly made bird voices which come pre-recorded on the Field Guide.

You can also use the BirdVoice British Birds Guide with pictures to help you identify the birds visually and record their voices.