The BirdVoice Concept and Product Range

BirdVoice is the world’s most imaginative set of tools for Birdwatchers.
We love taking photos of birds, it's our hobby, we pay big sums for great equipment, book into hotels, go on birding tours. We take great shots, close ups, dramatic sunsets....

And then, within weeks, these photos are locked away in a hard disk closet!

BirdVoice is designed to bring your photos out into the open. Make printed books of your great experiences, make posters to hang on walls with the photos, make calendars for the desktop.... And what's more, add sound to your photos - birdsound, your voice commentary, even music if you like to each of your printed work!

Sounds impossible? Not any more.

BirdVoice lets you make a craft out of your hobby with a set of easy to learn tools. So easy that you can make a sound enabled poster within 3 minutes; a sound enabled calendar in 10 minutes, a photobook where each page can have your voice or birdsongs... in 30 minutes.

The tools are easy so you spend more time bringing that extra creativity to your treasured photographs!

That's the BirdVoice concept: an increasing range of tools, many free. And on the other side, a growing range of resources such as bird songs from around the world, a BirdVoice Library to share your creative output to the BirdVoice community. We are setting up a group of BirdVoice ambassadors who love the craft of bird watching and can run local workshops.

Following is a set of very short videos that hopefully gives a clearer idea of BirdVoice. In the next few weeks we will be adding more "How to ... " videos with many of our free tools!

Identify birds. Learn their songs and calls. Dramatically improve your bird recognition skills and bring your photographs and experiences back to life! If you are inspired and want to become an ambassador then contact Henriette ( If you are a tour operator, we have some great offers that ensure that your name is remembered long after the tour, contact Kate (

Here's the video tour. Enjoy. We are the only company in the world that can add sound to your photographs.

birdvoice collection

A very quick overview of what Birdvoice stands for and its range of tools and products.  Click on the image to see what you can do to get real results easily with proven technology used in schools, museums, nature trails and the RNIB.

Here is a summary of some of the tools:BirdvoicePEN (from £90.00), Birdvoice Notebook (£7.50), Talking Fridge Magnets of Garden Birds (£9.00), 270 British Birds Stickers (songs, calls, advice on what to listen out for - £15.00), and so on.

Share with the whole family. The tools enable you to go beyond the Birding Topic. Make Family Trees in seconds with each member talking about themselves and others; Grandparents share with young children the joys of the garden, email e-versions of your creations to friends and family, proud of that photo of the Marsh Harrier - print it out and add your commentary, where, when, what equipment.... or you can use the waterproof laundry labels to label your outdoor plants with sound! Imagine being able to share not only the sites but also the sounds of that holiday with family and friends, in a book. 

We are based in London and have special skills in bringing sound to paper. We serve the schools, museums, nature trails and RNIB in addition to the birding community.
(Our patents are for PENfriend (PCT/GB2009/001040) and for viVOS Artframe (GB2519127A)

talking photobook

If you are a Bird Tours Organiser, contact us to see how you can give your tourists that something extra: their own birdsound enabled Fieldguide, the Birdvoice TravelPEN and a Photobook that has your branding but also the photographs taken by your team on birdwatching tours.

Click on the picture below and experience how the BirdVoicePEN works:

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Add audio to any book

Add sound labels of 270 British Birds to your favourite British Birds book and listen to birdsongs as you read. You will be amazed how much more you will retain. Unlike a video or a CD, this way you have total control of the pace, listen again and again just by tapping the label while you make sense of the text.


Going on a trek or walk or to Rutland Waters. This 70 page note and drawing book will capture your thoughts, ideas, sketches. Each page is a thick uncoated drawing paper for the budding artist in you. And each page has 6 sounds spots for your audio recording. There are two indices of British Bird Songs Calls and expert advice on what to listen out for. They are in scientific order (listen to the difference between the calls of different types of Tits). Also in alphabetical list for quick listening.
Audio expert Jean C Rochet's sounds are so good that often real birds respond to them!


These are talking stickers with bird songs and calls. They are great on children's rooms walls or doors. Artwork is by birding expert, Mike Langham, and you touch BirdvoicePEN on any sticker - left side for calls, right for songs. Or children could sticker them to their sketch books, or fridge doors... Once again, with BirdvoicePEN you can also record your voice on them.
To order, go to the products page.
Sticker up any book or wall with British Birds and listen to their songs and calls.

Video to follow.

Field Guide

This is a handy guide for any British and West European bird watcher. It is packed with 290 bird songs, calls, advice and also has extra sound spots to record that bird sound you are hearing on the walk. Encapsulated, waterproof, fits into most pockets.
Tour Operators and Specialist Hotels? We can make bespoked sound enabled fieldguides with your branding.

talking photobook

Don't keep your prized photos in the hard disk. Transfer them into a photobook and add sound on every page. Listening to the waterfall as you watch your photo is a totally uplifting experience. It brings back memories long forgotten. You also will get an e book page turning version to email your work to friends and relatives. Tour operators and hotels can aslo have the bespoked books which can also act as tenplates for your visitors.

birdvoice wall panels

These are for institutions and tour companies. You select the birds you want and we will mount them onto Wall Panels. Aluminium backing or with a Perspex facia. Specifiy even cutouts to any shape. All are sound enabled for the BirdvoicePEN. You can also have quizzes which help to further develop bird recognition skills. Great fun in public spaces. There is also a graffiti proof version!

bridvoice transfer from cd

You have a CD Collection of Birdsounds and Bird Books. Transfer the audio to your book! Or you are planning a visit to an exotic location. Your tour operator has sent you CD's and specialist Books for preparation. Then, with our free Birdcaller software, and low cost stickers (£15 for 400 recordable stickers) you can now transfer any sound (or music) from CD to the book. Listening to actual songs and calls as you read is much more effective in retaining bird sounds. Ask your tour operator to contact us for great offers.

birdvoice calendar Here is another way to get those great photos out of the hard disk closet. Show off those great photos you took in a Year Calendar. You can start on January or any other month, and each day is sound enabled for your audio notes. Or keep recordings of only those species that visit during the month.  An A3 talking calendar for wall hanging costs only £12.50. Record with BirdvoicePEN .
Video to follow.

birdvoice flip books

A five part set of flip books that are concertinaed. Open out fully and they become a wall poster, or keep them on the book shelf for easy listening. Coastal Birds, Woodland Birds, Garden Birds, Countryside Birds. There are songs, calls, seasonal maps, and information about each specie. Prices £3.00 for each flip book.
Video to follow.

birdvoice pro pack

This is our heritage pack for quick start. The Birdvoice Pro pack includes fieldguide, ring binder bird book, 100 recordable sticky labels, BirdvoicePEN, Bird stickers, Bird Labels. The PEN is loaded with 270 British Birds with sound recordings by Europe expert Jean C Rochet, advice on what to listen out for by consultant Geoff Sample. The beautiful illustrations of each bird is by Mike Langman.
Video to follow.

viVOS Artframe
If you are a bird loving hobbyist or a professional, this is a great way to capture your bird calls to any of your artwork or photos. Extend your knowledge and enjoyment and amaze your family and friends by tapping your fingers and out comes your bird call or voice narrations. Now with the new viVOS Artframe you can record your voice or birdsongs on your artwork or photos and playback with a tap of your fingers. Extremely easy to use and just £199, the viVOS Artframe will bring ours of fun in creativity and leaning.
See the video where Kate shows you how she registered her favourite tweets of the day!

  1. Making the artwork

  2. adding your voice comments and bird songs

  3. using the software to add professional soundtracks from your CD collections or web to your artwork

Make as many audio based publications as you wish, and if you are proud of your work, load it onto the viVOS Bird Library for any other family member or viVOS owner to share.

vivos birdvoice

Click here to watch how you can listen to the sounds of the birds of prey with a tap of your fingers. There is so much free audio content on the web. You can print your photos or compile your artwork from the web. Then add sound to each specie. You can have up to 9 sounds for each bird as well as well making your own  your own voice recordings. 


BirdVoice is the product that helps you to enjoy bird songs and calls and increase your experience of birds when you go out on trails or walks. It will double your bird recognition skills. (Please read what users say about their bird voice experiences on this website)

The BirdVoicePEN was launched in 2006 and the product has undergone a series of models that progressively improved on the previous versions. The latest is a neat but simple, easy-to-use, portable technology  pioneered by us, Mantra Lingua Ltd - a UK company - and is used extensively in education, by the RNIB for labelling, by museums and heritage trails.

Secondly, BirdVoicePEN is also a labelling device whereby you can record your voice or your unique bird songs on to sticky labels or books or other printed sound spots. (This is used by the blind and partially sighted and in 2009 the technology won the enABLED award for the " best product that changes lives". Blind people can now label content and therefore are less reliant on others to do simple things)

The newly launched and patented viVOS Artframe is being used in schools and carehomes for its simplicity and ease in making creative sound enabled pictures. A great way to print out a set of your photos onto an A4 or A3 sheet and play back birdsound at the tap of a finger.

We at Mantra Lingua, owners of Birdvoice, believe in enhancing the creative instinct that is in all of us, but at low costs and simple technology to ensure that you can get that truely creative publication out easily and share with others.